Heuresis Selected by World Customs Organization and US Department of State to Deploy Handheld Imagers to Southeast Asia and Middle East

The World Customs Organization selected the HBI-120 for its customs security initiative in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. In addition, the U.S. Department of State selected Heuresis to supply non-intrusive detection systems used to detect weapons, organics and other anomalies in vehicles at border and security checkpoints in Egypt.

“Our HBI-120 is proving to be an essential tool for international border security,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO. “We have harnessed the powerful advantages of our backscatter technology into a compact, ergonomic and intuitive product."

Launch of the HBI-120 handheld backscatter imager

Heuresis Corp., a privately held U.S., company specializing in advanced x-ray instrumentation, is pleased to announce the launch of the HBI-120 handheld backscatter imager.

Heuresis’ HBI-120 is the world’s first one-piece handheld backscatter x-ray imager; it supports mission-critical requirements for customs and border protection, narcotics interdiction, bomb squads, VIP security, and other “soft target” protection missions.