Heuresis Corporation was founded in 2013 by Mr. Hal Grodzins and Dr. Peter Rothschild. Mr. Grodzins has more than 25 years of experience in executive management, business and technology development.  He was the longtime President and CEO of Niton Corp. (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.), the company that invented handheld x-ray instrumentation.  Mr. Grodzins is an inventor and co–inventor of patents in x-ray fluorescence and optical emission spectroscopy and winner of the 2003 R&D 100 Award as principal designer of Niton’s XLt Series XRF analyzers.

Peter Rothschild, CTO, was the longtime Chief Scientist and Director of Research and Development at American Science and Engineering Inc.  An expert in computer simulations and IP strategy and management, Dr Rothschild is the inventor of Scatter Attenuation Tomography (SAT) and other novel x-ray inspection technologies.

Mr. Grodzins and Dr. Rothschild have assembled a strong, experienced management team with expertise in product and business development, sales and marketing, service, product quality, regulatory affairs, finance and business operations.

The mission of Heuresis Corp. is to develop and market portable analytical and imaging instruments that achieve new benchmarks in cost-effective performance, reliability and ease of operation; to make our customers more productive than ever before with ergonomic, easy-to-operate tools that provide accurate, precise, easy-to-use, real-time information; and to leverage our expertise in x-ray and other instrumentation technologies to pursue market opportunities where the company’s strengths yield the greatest competitive advantages.